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Anemones are lovely, delicate flowers that dance atop slender stems, giving them their poetic common name -- windflower. Depending on the type, anemones bloom in spring, summer, or through fall with pretty, slightly cupped flowers in rose, pink, or white rising over distinctive, deeply lobed foliage.

Plants grow best in partial shade but tolerate full sun in Northern regions. If you're lucky, they'll be happy where they're planted. In some cases, you may even need to divide plants frequently to prevent them from overtaking neighboring perennials.


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1 to 3 feet


1-3 feet wide

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Double windflower

Double windflower

Anemone nemorosa 'Bracteata Pleniflora' is showier than the wild type because its flowers have extra petals. Like the wild form, it grows less than 1 foot tall. Zones 4-8

'Honorine Jobert' anemone

'Honorine Jobert' anemone

Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' is 3-4 feet tall and covered with 2-inch-wide pure-white single blooms. It spreads less rapidly than other varieties.

'Queen Charlotte' anemone

'Queen Charlotte' anemone

Anemone x hybrida 'Queen Charlotte' offers wonderful, semidouble pale mauve flowers on 3-foot-tall plants. Zones 4-8

'September Charm' Japanese anemone

'September Charm' Japanese anemone

Anemone hupehensis 'September Charm' is a Japanese type with single pink flowers in late summer and early fall. Zones 4-8

Snowdrop anemone

Snowdrop anemone

Anemone sylvestris is a spring bloomer that may repeat in fall. The fragrant white flowers are borne on 18-inch-tall upright stems. It tolerates full shade, spreads by rhizomes, and can become invasive in loamy soils. Zones 4-9



Anemone nemorosa is an early-spring bloomer with 1-inch white blooms. Plants go dormant in summer but carpet large areas of woodland in spring. Zones 4-8

'Whirlwind' anemone

'Whirlwind' anemone

Anemone x hybrida 'Whirlwind' is one of the largest hybrid anemones. It grows 3-5 feet tall and has large, semidouble white blooms. Zones 4-8

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This native perennial gets its name from the shape of its unusual flowers, which resemble the heads of snapping turtles. It's a good choice for heavy, wet soils and spreads to form dense colonies of upright stems bearing pink, rose, or white flowers from late summer into fall. It grows best in some shade, but tolerates full sun with adequate moisture.

Culver's root

Culver's root is imposing and elegant, with vertical spires of whitish blue flowers against dark foliage. Planted in full sun with humus-high soil that remains moist, they may reach a whopping 7 feet tall; where the soil is dryer, they stay a little more compact.


These diminutive wildflowers are charming, shaped like an open bowl in white, lavender, purple, or pink. They get their name from the evergreen three-part leaves, with a shape reminiscent of the human liver, pointed or rounded on their ends and often with a deep purple cast. In the wild the plants grow in deep leaf litter in deciduous woodlands. Liverleaf is excellent in shady rock gardens or woodlands where the soil is humus-rich.

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