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Spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum

Spider plant is an excellent choice for beginners. The plant looks great in a hanging basket or on a pedestal. It likes average room temperature and humidity. Brown leaf tips, a common problem on spider plants, are due to overfertilization, low humidity, or dry soil conditions. Keep the soil slightly moist and avoid using fluoridated water on the plant.



1 to 3 feet


6-24 inches wide

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Orchid spider plant

Orchid spider plant

Chlorophytum orchidastrum 'Green Orange' presents a sharp contrast to other spider plants. Its deep green lance-shape leaves more closely resemble those of Chinese evergreen than common spider plant. Its orange leaf stem and central vein glow in bright indoor light.

Spider plant

Spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum, with solid green leaves, is much less common than variegated forms. Grow it just as you would one of the striped varieties.

Variegated spider plant

Variegated spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum' has bright green leaves with a central white stripe. The width of the stripe varies from nearly the entire width of the leaf to a narrow band along the main leaf vein.

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