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Peace lily

Spathiphyllum wallisii

Peace lily is an easy-care plant that tolerates low light, low humidity, and still blooms consistently. Its glossy lance-shape leaves arch gracefully from a central clump of stems. The white flowers are most common in summer, but may occur any time of year. As they age they turn green.



From 1 to 8 feet


1 to 5 feet wide

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more varieties for Peace lily
Domino peace lily

Domino peace lily

(Spathiphyllum wallisii 'Domino') is a form with variegated foliage. It also blooms, but its main attraction is its green foliage speckled with cream and white.

Mauna Loa peace lily

Mauna Loa peace lily

(Spathiphyllum wallisii 'Mauna Loa') is a vigorous variety that grows to 3 feet tall with pure white blooms.

Sensation peace lily

Sensation peace lily

(Spathiphyllum wallisii 'Sensation') is a giant among peace lilies, growing up to 6 feet tall, with proportionately large blooms.

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