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Kalanchoes are a diverse group of succulent plants. Many are grown for their foliage, while others are primarily blooming plants. All need bright light and should be kept on the dry side except when in bloom. Room temperature is good through the growing season, but grow them cool (45-65 degrees F) during winter.



Under 6 inches to 8 feet


6 inches to 3 feet wide

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Chandelier plant

Chandelier plant

Kalanchoe delagoensis has succulent, tubular leaves splotched in maroon or brown. It can grow to 4 feet tall and is sometimes listed as Kalanchoe tubiflora or Bryophyllum tubiflora.

Felt bush

Felt bush

Kalanchoe beharensis has fuzzy leaves with a thick white blush. It often develops warty projections on the leaf underside, and like panda plant, leaves may be tipped with reddish brown. Indoors it can grow to 4 feet tall.

Florist's kalanchoe

Florist's kalanchoe

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana has succulent leaves with scalloped edges, but the real reason for growing it is brilliantly colored clusters of flowers. The plant needs bright light and long nights to bloom well.



Kalanchoe daigremontiana has plump, toothed leaves that produce tiny plantlets along their edges. These fall off and start new plants, which can grow to 3 feet tall. It is also known as devil's backbone, good luck plant, and Bryophyllum daigremontianum.

Panda plant

Panda plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa is known for its fuzzy, silvery leaves with reddish-brown tips. It is also called pussy ears.

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