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Fittonia albivenis

The intricate leaf vein patterns in red, pink, silver, or white provide Fittonia with its common names -- nerve plant or mosaic plant. Ones with white or silver veins are classified as Argyroneura group, while those with red or pink veins are listed as Verschaffeltii group. Fittonia's small size and requirements for medium light, high humidity, and evenly moist soil make it an excellent terrarium plant.



Under 6 inches to 3 feet


4-12 inches wide

how to grow Fittonia

more varieties for Fittonia
'Frankie' fittonia

'Frankie' fittonia

Fittonia albivenis 'Frankie' has leaves that are almost solidly pink with a green margin.

'Red Anne' fittonia

'Red Anne' fittonia

Fittonia albivenis 'Red Anne' has wide bands of pinkish-red veins with small patches of olive green between, giving the plant an overall effect of pinkish-red foliage.

Silver nerve plant

Silver nerve plant

Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group has olive green leaves with a fine net of prominent silvery-white veins.

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