Holiday-Inspired Outdoor Decorating that Lasts

Dress up your front porch and yard with these holiday outdoor decorating ideas that last from the first days of fall through the New Year. They look great on a porch or just outside your door.

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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Make the outside of your home as ready for the holiday season as the inside with these outdoor Christmas decorating ideas. Our holiday decorating ideas, including beautiful Christmas greenery, festive light displays, and more, are sure to get your yard Christmas-ready.

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Grow Beautiful Amaryllis

Amaryllis flowers are easy to grow from bulbs and great for adding color to your holiday decor.

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Deer-Resistant Shade Plants

Gardening in the shade where deer are plentiful can be a challenging situation. But there are plants that thrive in the shade that aren't tempting to hungry deer. Although no plant can be considered completely deer-resistant, here's a list of shade dwellers that most deer avoid. Plus, we've added some fun facts about deer that might help you understand them better.

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Shrubs with Winter Interest

A winter landscape has a beauty all its own. An unexpected plant feature -- winter blooms that perfume the air, bright berries, colorful or textured foliage or unusual bark -- add a welcome element to gardens. These winter shrubs will not disappoint.

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Tips for Moving Plants Indoors

Here's a handy guide for moving your favorite plants inside once the weather turns cold.

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Christmas cactus

Schlumbergera_ spp.

Christmas cactus is a true cactus although it doesn't resemble typical desert cacti. That's because in its native habitat it grows in trees. It is a short-day plant, blooming when it gets more than 12 to 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness. You can also force it into bloom by providing cool temperatures, below 55 degrees F, for 6 to 8 weeks. Plants grow best in bright light with moderately dry soil. Room temperature is good for it except when it is in bloom or developing flower buds. At those times keep it at 55 degrees F.



1 to 3 feet


6-18 inches wide

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Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus
(Schlumbergera Xbuckleyi) has scalloped leaf margins and whorls of satiny flowers that dangle from segmented stems, which resemble leaves. It is sometimes called zygocactus or holiday cactus. The true Christmas cactus usually does not bloom until mid-December; many plants sold as Christmas cactus are actually Thanksgiving cactus.
Thanksgiving cactus
Thanksgiving cactus
(Schlumbergera truncata) blooms several weeks earlier than Christmas cactus. It has 2 to 4 pointed teeth along the margins of stem segments. It is also known as crab cactus.

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