Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

Add an explosion of fiery hues to your yard this fall with these trees and shrubs.

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Create a Fall Garden Retreat

Give yourself a private sanctuary to enjoy your landscape on beautiful fall days.

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Fall Tree Care

Get tips for preparing your trees for winter.

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Fall Garden Checklist

Get your yard ready for winter with these easy tasks.

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How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall. Here┬┐s how!

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Tips for Moving Plants Indoors

Here's a handy guide for moving your favorite plants inside once the weather turns cold.

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China doll

Radermachera sinica

China doll can become a large tree outdoors, but in the home you can keep it to 4 or 5 feet tall by pinching back new growth to cause branching. Mature plants have glossy, deeply divided leaves with prominent veins. It grows well at average room temperature, but can take 55 degrees F in winter. Give it medium to bright light to prevent legginess and keep the soil evenly moist.



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1 to 3 feet wide

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