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Asparagus fern


This subtropical relative of edible garden asparagus is in the lily family, but its needlelike foliage give it an appearance resembling a fern. Its stems shoot up and outward, making it an excellent plant for hanging baskets. Give asparagus fern medium to bright indoor light and keep the soil uniformly moist. Plants sometimes develop small red berries, which are poisonous, so keep the berries away from children and pets.


1 to 3 feet


18 inches to 3 feet wide

Special Features:

how to grow Asparagus fern

more varieties for Asparagus fern
Foxtail fern

Foxtail fern

Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers' has dense, bottle-brushlike stems that grow more upright. It makes a better tabletop plant than hanging basket.

Plumose fern

Plumose fern

Asparagus setaceus looks the most like a true fern. The spreading layered stems are covered with tiny soft needles. Older stems can grow several feet long. Cut them back to promote denser growth.

'Sprengeri' asparagus fern

'Sprengeri' asparagus fern

Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri', the most widely available variety, has arching stems with 1-inch-long dark green needles.

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