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Chamaemelum nobile, Matricaria recutita

Chamomile's dainty daisylike blooms glisten when dew-spangled and glow in moonlight. Carpet a garden path or patio with Roman chamomile, a flowering groundcover that releases a delicate fragrance when crushed underfoot. Use this herbal groundcover in the garden to edge beds with a feathery, fast-spreading quilt or to cascade artfully over the rim of containers. German chamomile is a bushy beauty that's a favorite among bees and butterflies. Tucked into flower beds, it offers season-long color. Chamomile blooms brew a soothing tea. Toss fresh blossoms over salad, or use fresh or dried leaves to season butter, cream sauce, or sour cream.


Part Sun, Sun


From 1 to 8 feet


3-18 inches wide

Flower Color:

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more varieties for Chamomile
German chamomile

German chamomile

Matricaria recutita is an annual bearing daisy-shape white flowers all summer. It grows 2 feet tall and has a milder flavor than Roman chamomile.

Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile

Chamaemelum nobile is an evergreen groundcover to 12 inches tall with daisy-shape flowers in summer. It has a stronger flavor than German chamomile. Zones 4-8

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