How to Pick a Tree to Plant

Use our tips to select the best tree at your local garden center or nursery.

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4-Step Outdoor Fall Window Box

Plant a beautiful outdoor fall display in four easy steps. Our editor shows you how to combine fall flowers and seasonal gourds to create a stunning window box (Hint: It looks great from inside the house, too!).

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Fall Tree Care

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Fall Garden Checklist

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How to Plant Spring Bulbs

Plant spring-blooming bulbs in fall. Here┬┐s how!

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How to Deal with Fall Leaves

Make getting rid of fall leaves easy with these tips.

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Mums in the Fall Garden

Browse stunning types of mums, and see creative ways to incorporate mums into your fall landscape.

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Sweet cherry, tart cherry, pie cherry, Bing cherry

Prunus_ spp.

A plump, juicy cherry is a luxurious treat. Whether you grow sweet or sour cherries, plan to share a few with the wildlife in your area. This is usually not a problem as a mature tree will produce more fruit than one family can consume. When choosing a cherry tree, select for disease-resistance and small size. The smaller the tree, the easier it will be to harvest the fruit.

Sweet cherries grow in the coast valleys of California, near the Great Lakes, and in the Northwest. They thrive where winter and summer are mild. Sweet cherries require a pollinator so be sure to plant two varieties. Sour or pie cherries are easy to grow for most home gardeners. The hardy plants are adaptable and self-fertile -- you only need one plant for fruit set.





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how to grow Sweet cherry, tart cherry, pie cherry, Bing cherry

more varieties for Sweet cherry, tart cherry, pie cherry, Bing cherry

'Bing' cherry
'Bing' cherry
is the standard for sweet black cherries. The deep mahogany fruit is firm and juicy. The large spreading tree yields large crops. Use 'Sam,' 'Van,' or 'Black Tartarian' as a pollenizer (not 'Royal Ann' or 'Lambert'). Zones 5-8
'Meteor' cherry
'Meteor' cherry
is a 10-foot-tall sour cherry tree. Its bright red fruit has yellow flesh and is favored for pie making. This is an ideal cultivar for home gardens. Zones 4-8
'Montmorency' cherry
'Montmorency' cherry
is a medium to large sour cherry tree. It produces masses of large red fruit with yellow flesh. Zones 4-9
'Stella' cherry
'Stella' cherry
is a sweet cherry with large, dark red fruit. The 25-foot-tall tree grows especially well in the South and West. Zones 5-8
'Royal Ann' cherry
'Royal Ann' cherry
is the standard for blushed yellow cherries. The firm, juicy fruit is excellent for fresh eating or canning. The large tree spreads with age. Use 'Corum,' 'Windsor,' or 'Hedelfingen' as a pollenizer (not 'Bing' or 'Lambert'). Zones 5-8

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