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Prunus perscia

One of the most popular homegrown fruits, peaches are vigorous producers of plump, delicious fruits. Peaches can be so vigorous you often have to thin the fruits in early summer to keep from stressing the tree. Pests can be troublesome, so choose pest-resistant cultivars when possible. Cold temperatures also thwart peaches in cool climates. Plant trees in a protected location that is sheltered from wind.





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'Canadian Harmony' peach

'Canadian Harmony' peach

Prunus perscia 'Canadian Harmony' forms brilliant, bright red fruits with splashes of yellow. The large freestone peaches have a sweet flavor and good texture. Zones 5-8

'Cresthaven' peach

'Cresthaven' peach

Prunus perscia 'Cresthaven' is a medium to large freestone peach that is almost fuzzless. Its bright red skin touched with gold is striking. A nonbrowning, late-season variety, it is favored for canning and freezing. Zones 5-9

'Elberta' peach

'Elberta' peach

Prunus perscia 'Elberta' is a large freestone peach that produces a mid- to late-season crop. This old favorite has golden skin with a red blush. Tree is resistant to brown rot. Zones 5-9

'Reliance' peach

'Reliance' peach

Prunus perscia 'Reliance' is a very hardy peach that is good for cold regions. This large freestone fruit has dark red skin blushed with yellow and bright yellow flesh. A vigorous producer, it requires thinning. Zones 4-8

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