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Coleus, shade-loving with solid leaf coloring

Solenostemon_ hybrids

Solid color shade-loving coleus grows well even in the darkest corners of your yard if you give it water, a little fertilizer, and wait to plant it outdoors until after the weather is consistently warm. Leaf color is often more intense in light shade than in deep shade, but avoid planting in full sun because leaves are susceptible to scorch in bright light conditions.




From 1 to 8 feet


1-3 feet wide

Special Features:



how to grow Coleus, shade-loving with solid leaf coloring

more varieties for Coleus, shade-loving with solid leaf coloring
Krakatoa coleus

Krakatoa coleus

(Solenostemon 'Krakatoa') has mahogany-purple leaves. The toothed margins are sometimes tipped in olive green, especially in dense shade. It is a large coleus, growing 3 feet tall.

Lava Flow coleus

Lava Flow coleus

(Solenostemon 'Lava Flow') is deep purple with fiery-red and black overtones. If grown as an indoor plant, it may develop a black medallion in the center of its leaves during winter.

LifeLime coleus

LifeLime coleus

(Solenostemon 'LifeLime') lights up the shade with its scalloped chartreuse foliage. Grow it in full to part shade to prevent sunburn. It grows 3 feet tall.

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