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Coleus, shade-loving with veined pattern

Solenostemon_ hybrids

Veined shade-loving coleus is a colorful foliage plant that grows well in warm weather. Wait until nighttime temperatures remain well above freezing to plant it outdoors. Grow it in landscape beds or add it to container gardens to brighten shady corners.

When frost threatens, pot it up and enjoy it as a houseplant in a sunny window until spring. Then plant it outdoors once again!




Under 6 inches to 8 feet


1-3 feet wide



how to grow Coleus, shade-loving with veined pattern

more varieties for Coleus, shade-loving with veined pattern
Chocolate Bear Paw coleus

Chocolate Bear Paw coleus

(Solenostemon 'Chocolate Bear Paw') also is called 'Big Foot' and 'Norris'. Its blocky leaves resemble the shape of a foot with their frilly tips reminiscent of toes. The primary color of each leaf is purple. Magenta veins and chartreuse tips of the frilly leaf margins add interest. It grows 18 inches tall and does best in part sun or light shade.

Flirtin' Skirts coleus

Flirtin' Skirts coleus

(Solenostemon 'Flirtin' Skirts') has overlapping rounded leaves that clasp the stem, producing a layered petticoat effect. In full sun the leaves may turn gold. In shade they develop maroon coloration with chartreuse veining and edges. It grows 18 inches tall.

Kong Red coleus

Kong Red coleus

(Solenostemon 'Kong Red') offers extremely large patterned leaves. The central vein and major side veins are rosy red and are surrounded by deep maroon and green bands. Pinch out flower spikes to maintain the large leaf size. It grows 20 inches tall.

Kong Rose coleus

Kong Rose coleus

(Solenostemon 'Kong Rose') has huge leaves with a broad chartreuse band, maroon veins, and a central rosy-pink swath. Remove flower stalks to maintain the large leaf size. This coleus performs best in the shade and grows 20 inches tall.

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