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Find the best plants for your yard by filling in as many of the options below as you want.

plant type
Annual Vegetable Tree
Perennial Herb Shrub
Bulb Fruit Vine
Rose Indoor Plant Water Plant

USDA Hardiness Zone

what is this?

or zip code

light level
Sun Partial Sun Shade

plant features
height Less than 1 foot 4-6 feet 10-15 feet
1-3 feet 6-10 feet 15 feet or more
bloom season Spring Fall Everblooming
Summer Winter
flower & foliage color White flowers Red flowers Gray/Silver leaves
Pink flowers Yellow flowers Blue-Green leaves
Lavender flowers
Orange flowers Yellow leaves
Green flowers Red/Purple leaves

special features
Flowers Cut Flowers Deer Resistant
Attractive Foliage Drying Tolerates Drought
Fragrance Attracts Birds Easy to Grow
Fall Color Attracts Hummingbirds
Winter Interest Attracts Butterflies

landscape uses
Containers Beds & Borders Slope
Groundcover Privacy