Vegetable Garden Plans

Grow a healthy, beautiful vegetable garden with these free plans.

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Patio Vegetable Garden Plan
Patio Vegetable Garden

    Tuck these two garden beds along your deck or patio where they'll be easy to harvest.

    Garden size: 7 by 7 feet.

Colorful Vegetable Garden

    Red cabbage, golden oregano, and Johnny jump-up teams with chard, lettuce, onions, and other favorites to create a design that looks great and provides lots of tasty treats.

    Garden size: 16 by 32 feet.

Heritage Vegetable Garden

    This garden includes many heirloom varieties, such as 'Brandywine' tomato, 'White Wonder' cucumber, and 'Amish Snap' pea for great-tasting produce all season long.

    Garden size: 10 by 20 feet

Asian-Inspired Vegetable Garden

    It can be tough finding a large selection of Asian vegetables and herbs in the grocery store. So grow your own with this easy and productive garden plan.

    Garden Size: 6 by 6 feet

Children's Vegetable Garden

    Many joys and lessons can be found in this easy vegetable garden. Once planted, it takes only a few hours a week to keep it looking its best.

    Garden Size: 6 by 6 feet

Italian-Inspired Vegetable Garden

    Grow your own fresh vegetables to make perfect pasta sauces and other mouthwatering Italian dishes.

    Garden Size: 6 by 6 feet

From Garden To Plate

    Raising your own food has never been easier - or more fun. Food preparation is so convenient when it's growing right out your back door. From Garden to Plate shows you everything you need to plant, raise, harvest, and prepare the freshest most flavorful food. Learn the basics of seed starting and raising your own food inexpensively so you can grow and cook the freshest, best-tasting food ever!

All-American Vegetable Garden

    Some of the best-tasting vegetables, including 'Sugar Snap' pea and 'Brandywine' tomato, came from American gardens. Celebrate homegrown flavor with this garden.

    Garden Size: 6 by 6 feet

Spring-Harvest Vegetable Garden

    You know spring has arrived when you can serve garden-fresh radishes and lettuce with supper. Enjoy the finest flavors of spring with this garden plan.

    Garden Size: 4 by 4 feet

Summer Bounty Vegetable Garden

    Once the soil warms, plant summer-yielding vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. Toss in some herbs for extra color, flavor, and texture.

    Garden Size: 4 by 4 feet

Fall-Harvest Vegetable Garden

    Fresh lettuce, spinach, and peas aren't limited to spring. Replant as temperatures cool in late summer for a second round of these favorites.

    Garden Size: 4 by 4 feet

Beautiful Kitchen Garden

    This easy-to-grow kitchen garden includes many of your vegetables, as well as colorful herbs and flowers.

    Garden Size: 30 by 30 feet

An Elegant Salad Garden

    This compact, row-cropped vegetable garden features leafy salad greens, herbs, onions, and some easy-to-grow flowers.

    Garden Size: 26 by 19 feet

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