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Shade Garden Plans

Under a tree or beside a building: Those tough shady spots in your landscape take planning to plant, but they reward with interesting foliage and distinctive color. Shade-garden plans -- including our surefire layouts -- beautify those spots, as well as take the work and worry out your garden. If you're new to shade, try our beginner's plan. Foliage plants with large, colorful leaves, such as these shade-focused arrangements, work well in both container gardens and garden beds. Take hostas: They are a fantastic way to add color and texture to your garden; our plans offer a wide variety of these shade-loving standbys. Hostas work well with a range of shade-loving perennials such as bleeding heart and hellebore; use our shade-ready plan to add color to a sun-starved spot in your yard. Many annuals love shade, too, and you can create a whole garden with them using our selection of foolproof plants. Some shrubs also do well in shade; combine them with perennials to fill your yard with pretty hues in spring, summer, and fall.

Large, Southern Shade Garden Plan

Dress up the area around your mailbox with this expansive plan of easy-growing...

Bold Woodland Garden Plan

Add a bright dose of color to a spot under a canopy of tree leaves.

How to Plan a Garden

Design a beautiful garden or landscape with our garden-planning tips.

Garden Plans for Shady Spots

Add beautiful color to shady spots in your yard with these garden plans.

No-Fuss Shade Garden Plan

Featuring easy-growing perennial flowers such as hosta, bleeding heart, and...

Shade Garden

Team a lovely garden with mature trees and create a cool, shaded area.

Garden Plan for Partial Shade

This garden plan combines easy, adaptable plants to add color to spots that...

Bold and Bright Foundation Garden Plan

Layer plants in a small space to transform a narrow foundation planting into a...

Small-Space Shade Garden Plan

Fill an area beneath a shade tree with this charming garden.

Beginner Garden for Shade

Now, anyone can enjoy a perennial shade garden with our selection of foolproof...

Lush Woodland Garden Plan

Combine these easy-growing plants to fill your shade garden with texture sprin...

Spring Shade Border

Select six gorgeous plants for that perfect shady spot.

Soft-Color Shade Garden Plan

This informal perennial garden bed combines attractive leaves and softly...

Cold-Climate Shade Garden Plan

Use these hardy perennials to add color to shady spots in your landscape.

Shady Foliage Garden Plan

This informal garden bed highlights shade plants with large, colorful leaves,...

Small-Space Shade Garden Plan for the South

Put on a big show in a small space with this garden plan.

Easy-Care Summer-Blooming Shade Garden Plan

This mix of flowering shrubs and perennials will fill your yard with color all...

Hosta-Filled Shade Garden

Create a beautiful, low-maintenance shade garden that's full of texture from...

Bold Shade Garden

Enjoy beautiful color all spring and summer with this easy-growing shade garde...

Colorful Foliage Garden Plan

Great container gardens don't have to be floriferous. This garden plan uses...

Shade-Loving Container Garden Plan

Brighten a shady spot by grouping an assortment of potted plants underneath a...

Shady Birdbath Garden Plan

Give your birdbath a colorful skirt of beautiful shade-loving flowers.

Shady Garden

Get 15 plants, plus easy-to-follow growing and care instructions and a plantin...

Annual Garden for Shade

Brighten shady spots in your garden with these easy and reliable annuals.


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