Long-Blooming Garden Plans

Enjoy three or four seasons of color and beauty throughout your yard.


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    • Season-Long Plan

      Pansies start the season and are followed by iris, peonies, and roses. The show keeps going into fall thanks to beautiful dahlias, balloon flowers, and more. Garden size: 17 by 11 feet.

    • Year-Round Excitement Plan

      Enjoy four seasons of beauty with this bold plan. It features favorites such as rhododendron and winter daphne, Joe Pye weed, and iris. Garden size: 17 by 30 feet.

    • Curbside Garden

      This delightful garden starts with no-fuss baptisia in June and relies on North American wildflowers to keep blooming all the way until fall. Garden size: 6 by 29 feet.

    • Summer Butterfly Garden

      Attract beautiful butterflies throughout the summer and into autumn with this beautiful garden. It's as easy to care for as it is attractive. Garden size: 10 by 12 feet.

    • Season-Long Cottage Garden

      Colorful alliums and peonies show off in spring; delightful daylilies and phlox continue into summer; and sedum and black-eyed Susan keep this plan looking good until the first frost. Garden size: 15 by 17 feet.

    • Long-Season Pocket Garden

      A small garden can still make a big impact. This charming plan features stunning blooms from early summer through frost. Garden size: 16 by 12 feet.

    • Roses in the Round

      Many hybrid roses are long-blooming champs that start in June and go to first frost. Enjoy these white roses with catmint (which will rebloom off and on all summer and into fall) and boxwood to create a simple garden with lots of oomph. Garden size: 10 by 10 feet.

    • Plan for Winter

      Fall and winter are often forgotten seasons in the landscape. Employ favorites like ornamental grasses and black-eyed Susan for texture and interest in the winter garden. Garden size: 14 by 7 feet.

    • Don't Be Foiled by Hot Weather

      Hot summer days can make a garden fade. Keep that from happening with these stately favorites, then mix in a few spring and fall bloomers for season-long appeal. Garden size: 14 by 9 feet.

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      Big Impact, Little Work

      Always-attractive boxwood pairs perfectly with annuals that bloom all summer long in this plan. Garden size: 30 by 30 feet.

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      Long-Blooming Blue Garden

      From springtime pansies to fall-blooming aster, this cool blue garden always has something in bloom. Garden size: 10 by 7 feet.

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      Low-Work Season-Long Garden

      This long-blooming garden is filled with nearly bulletproof favorites that bloom in spring, summer, and fall -- so it's a great choice for anyone especially busy or new to gardening. Garden size: 14 by 6 feet.

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      A Corner of Colorful Shrubs

      A great blooming garden doesn't need to focus on annual and perennial flowers. Here, shrubs and small trees create four seasons of color and texture. Garden size: 13 by 11 feet.

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      A Corner of Perennials

      Long-blooming Shasta daisy lies at the heart of this spring-through-frost garden. The plants are all beautiful and easy to grow. Garden size: 9 by 8 feet.

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      Create Privacy and Season-Long Looks

      There's no reason gardens can't do double duty. This one provides a welcome screen from neighbors and looks good all year round. Garden size: 16 by 7 feet.

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      Enjoy Butterflies All Season

      Give butterflies a refuge in your yard spring to fall with this flower-filled, easy-care garden plan. Garden size: 24 by 9 feet.

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      A Touch of Prairie

      We love this prairie-style plan for a lot of reasons. It looks great all year, it's very low-maintenance, and it attracts birds and butterflies. Garden size: 20 by 8 feet.

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