Easiest Garden Bed Plans

Is gardening an easy hobby? It can be, with the right garden bed plans that save fuss. We've assembled a collection of the best garden bed plans that save time, maximize color, and add beauty; whether you're a novice or experienced you'll find something to suit your landscape. Take beginning gardeners and full-sun spots. Those two are a great pair to nurture a collection of easy-care plants that add lots of color. If you love the blooms and vigorous growth of annuals, we have garden bed plans for either full sun or in raised beds. Corners -- particularly in a front yard -- are a great way to increase curb appeal; try a gathering of perennials or shrubs for beauty and structure. Or, use top plants to draw butterflies to your yard, or rely on natives for nearly foolproof blooms and their ability to draw butterflies and birds. Dealing with problem spots is another challenge for gardeners; garden bed plans for drought-tolerance, slopes, and clay soil are great ways to help you make every part of your yard beautiful and welcoming. Of course, what you can garden varies by region, too; luckily there are garden bed plans to minimize your yard's care while adding beauty in every spot in the country, including North and South.


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Beginner's Perennial Garden

This easy-care design is a great introduction to gardening.

Drought-Tolerant Garden Plan

Try this garden plan in dry, arid climates.

Easy Mailbox Garden Plan

Dress up your mailbox with this charming, small-space garden.

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Easiest Garden Bed Plans


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