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Garden Plans with Water in a Starring Role

Enjoy the many moods -- and benefits -- of water in these refreshing flower gardens.


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    • Wildlife Water Garden

      Attract a host of birds and other creatures to your yard with this attractive plan.

      Garden size: 11 by 8 feet.

    • Small-Space Water Garden

      Water-loving canna, parrot feather, and arrowhead are surrounded by easy-care verbena, thyme, and lavender in this plan.

      Garden size: 8 by 9 feet.

    • Formal Garden by a Pond

      Built around a rectangular pool, this elegant plan could be revised to accommodate other pools or ponds. Muted colors and delicate textures create a restful vista for human visitors.

      Garden size: 34 by 24 feet.

    • Easy Pondside Garden

      Create a lush look around your pond or water feature with this charming garden plan.

      Garden size: 30 by 20 feet.

    • Small Water Garden

      Tuck this small-space plan in a corner of your yard and enjoy the display of tropical foliage all summer long.

      Garden size: 7 by 7 feet.

    • Shady Fountain Garden

      Hostas are a practical addition to any shady yard. This plan showcases the perennial's many variations in leaf size and coloring as they dress up an attractive fountain.

      Garden size: 12 by 10 feet.

    • Water-Wise Garden with a Fountain

      Filled with drought-tolerant plants like lavender, Russian sage, and red-hot poker, this garden also features the sound of water thanks to a charming fountain.

      Garden size: 33 by 24 feet.

    • Little Fountain Garden

      Accent a fountain with this planting of impatiens, wild ginger, coleus, and more.

      Garden size: 5 by 5 feet.

    • Tropical Garden Around a Fountain

      This tropically hued garden actually features hardy, easy-growing plants and a delightful fountain.

      Garden size: 23 by 12 feet.

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      Go Formal Around a Fountain

      A fountain makes a dramatic focal point for this decidedly formal garden featuring scores of extra-easy-growing daylilies.

      Garden size: 28 by 28 feet.

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      Side Yard with Fountain

      That narrow space on the side of your house can be a great place for a relaxing garden -- complete with a simple water feature. Make the dream a reality with this garden plan.

      Garden size: 25 by 40 feet.

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      A Late-Summer Garden with a Birdbath

      This easy-care perennial garden looks great on its own but a simple birdbath dresses it up even more.

      Garden size: 16 by 10 feet.

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      Cottage Garden with a Birdbath

      A wide array of perennials, including black-eyed Susans, roses, phlox, and peonies provide a beautiful show.

      Garden size: 15 by 17 feet.

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      Bird Garden Plan

      Enjoy the cheery sound of songbirds in your garden with this plan -- it features food sources such as zinnia, as well as a birdbath.

      Garden size: 9 by 12 feet.

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      Shady Birdbath Garden

      Mix flowers and foliage to charming effect with this plan. Colorful impatiens are a perfect partner for spotted polka-dot plant. They're the perfect way to dress up a birdbath.

      Garden size: 9 by 9 feet.

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      Carefree Perennial Garden with a Birdbath

      Long-blooming, low-care perennials, such as catmint, lavender, and Russian sage, surround a birdbath in this striking plan.

      Garden size: 12 by 12 feet.

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      Four-Season Garden with a Birdbath

      This stunning plan features a delightful mix of perennials and shrubs so it looks good all year.

      Garden size: 17 by 30 feet.

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      Fall Garden with a Birdbath

      This garden plan features a festival of fall colors at the end of the season. And a well-placed birdbath rewards feathered visitors who stop by.

      Garden size: 10 by 11 feet.

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