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Gardens can be understated or add a distinct splash of color to the landscape. If you're interested in creating drama in your yard, turn to these bold, statement-worthy garden plans. Add life and movement to attract bees, birds, butterflies, and more with wildlife-friendly landscaping plans that are fuss-free and beautiful. Focusing on color and food sources encourages birds and butterflies to visit your flower garden; use these attractive plans to attract scores of welcome visitors. If you like drama but want privacy, create a garden retreat that adds a secluded paradise to your landscape with one of our great privacy-focused plans. Water gardens infuse drama in the landscape; we offer a host of ways to add refreshing water elements, such as pools, ponds, and fountains, to your outdoor spaces. Deter unwelcome deer with plants that are less attractive to these four-legged creatures; check out our garden plan with easy-growing perennials. Shade isn't often thought of as a dramatic element, but in fact, shady spaces can be transformative spaces. Use a plan to redo your shady side yard or patio spaces.

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