Container Garden Plans

Conquer containers and make your porch, entryway, patio, or deck even more beautiful with reliable, beautiful plans for potted arrangements. We have great free plans that work in a variety of areas -- small or big, cottage style or traditional. Replicate the plans in your yard, or use them as inspiration to create container gardens. If you're new to container gardening, start with our beginner's plan, which relies on no-fail bloomers. Color is a great tool to organize a pleasing container garden. Copy our Alternating Colors Container or No-Fail Container assemblies, or create your own favorite combination of hues. A single color can be a great organizing principle; we have a plan in all pink that wows with its variety of blooms. One of the best things about container gardens is that they're flexible enough to use in any kind of home space -- even those without a yard. Try one of our layouts, such as the Classic Container Garden plan, to add blooms and foliage to your yardless home. Speaking of foliage: You don't have to have blooms in a container garden, as our Colorful Foliage Garden plan proves. If you want more information about potential container plants, check out the details in our Plant Encyclopedia.

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Container Garden Finder

Get a personalized plant-by-numbers container design.

Beginner's Container Combo

This collection of no-fail plants is perfect for first-time gardeners.

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Container Garden Plans