Garden Plans by Color

Do you have a love affair with red? Do pink and purple together make you happy? Or are vibrant hues of orange more your style? Whatever your color and style preferences, there's a garden plan to help you make a colorful impact in the landscape -- all free for the taking (and planting). If your color leanings are cool and collected, you'll love the garden plans focused on shades of blue, purple, and green. If you're looking for a more energetic landscape, hot colors may be more your style; choose from one of these plans in red, orange, and yellow. A single color might be your way to unify a landscape; explore one of these monochromatic flower garden plans. Many gardens wilt in the hottest days of summer; not so with the plants in our plan, which maintain their vibrant hues all season long. It's sometimes hard to appreciate a garden's beauty at night, but the bright whites and fragrant blooms of a moon garden will help you enjoy the peaceful, starlit landscape, too.


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Blue Garden Plan

Create a soothing, all-blue garden.

Yellow Garden Plan

Try yellow-hued plants to bring vibrancy to your yard.

Pink Garden Plan

Plant pretty pink flowers for a sweet, delicate garden.

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Garden Plans by Color


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