How to Get Blue Hydrangeas

If you love blue flowers (and who doesn't?), one of the most popular must-have plants for your garden is hydrangea. These versatile shrubs produce giant ball-shape flowers that look stunning in the landscape surrounding your home, as specimen plants in your garden, and make gorgeous (and easy!) bouquets.

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Flowering Perennials from Spring to Fall

Turn your garden into a color show spring through fall. Here are 17 easy-to-grow flowering perennials.

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Garden Pictures That Inspire

Garden pictures can provide inspiration. Browse our gallery of garden pictures, including landscape garden pictures, to find the picture of a garden that will give you your perfect landscape.

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Growing Lilies and Daylilies in Your Garden

Daylilies and lilies are two big-impact, easy-to-grow plants for your summer garden.

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How to Grow Potatoes

Growing potatoes is easy, and you'll find the taste of homegrown potatoes much better than that of store-bought versions. You can grow potatoes in just a few easy steps. Learn how to grow potatoes, as well as how to harvest them for maximum flavor.

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Urban Gardens

Living in a space-challenged urban environment shouldn't stop you from enjoying fresh air. Check out these great ideas from some amazing city landscapes.

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How to Get Beautiful Texture in Your Garden

Add beauty and texture to your garden with leafy and flowering perennials, annuals, and grasses.

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Small-Garden Plans and Ideas

Add big color to your compact landscape with our collection of ideas for small garden plans.


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    • Mailbox Small Garden

      Add big impact to a small garden with this 3-by-5-foot collection of blooms. It offers tough plants that stand up to the harsh growing conditions surrounding a street-side mailbox. The small garden plants included here stay low, so they won't block your view as you back out of the driveway.

    • Lush Woodland Small Garden

      Fill a little 5-by-6-foot corner of your yard with color from this cheery small garden idea. It features ferns that look good from spring to fall, and a spring show from bleeding heart and foamflower.

    • Bold and Bright Flower Small Garden

      Add sizzle to your summer with the bold red, orange, and yellow tones found in this 5-by-6-foot small garden. Featuring tough plants such as yarrow, sedum, daylilies, and more, you can count on this border to look good no matter how hot it gets.

    • Soft-Color Shade Small Garden

      Turn a shady, 23-by-11-foot corner of your yard into a pocket of brilliant color with this beautiful small garden. It offers seasons of bloom from bleeding hearts in spring to ligularia in summer and anemone in fall.

    • Soft, Romantic Small Garden

      Enjoy beautiful scented roses, cheery daisies, and easy-care daylilies in a 6-by-6-foot spot in your yard with this small garden design. The varieties we've picked hold up to drought and other tough weather conditions so you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

    • Pastel Summer Small Garden

      Create a cooling effect during hot summer days with this beautiful small garden plan. Featuring plants in purples and pinks (including daisies, phlox, and catmint), it's a perfect way to decorate a 6-by-6-foot pocket in your yard.

    • All-Summer Color Small Garden

      You're sure to love this idea for a small garden--just 6-by-7-feet. It offers a big show with long-blooming, easy-to-grow plants such as 'Happy Returns' daylily, award-wining 'May Night' salvia, and fragrant 'Laura' phlox.

    • Brilliant Shade Small Garden

      Why not add a splash of color to a 6-by-7-foot shady spot in your yard? This small garden design is perfect for it. The show starts in spring with bleeding heart and goes into summer with bold red astilbe. A perennial geranium blooms throughout the summer and adds bold red foliage in fall.

    • Small Water Garden

      Put in a small pond and enjoy a stunning display with this great 7-by-7-foot small garden plan. Filled with tropical plants, it looks great all summer long.

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      Small-Space Summertime Garden

      Coneflower is a classic summer bloomer, and this 5-by-10-foot small garden plan features it with other easy-care plants such as Russian sage, yarrow, and catmint. It packs in so much color that everyone will think it's bigger than it really is.

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      Foundation Small Garden

      Give your home's foundation a colorful skirt with this idea for a small garden. This 17-by-3-foot shady garden mixes long-blooming annuals with hardy ferns, so you can be sure your foundation looks great all season long.

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      Rose Small Garden

      Grow your own roses! You'll love this small (5-by-11-foot) rose garden that features six different varieties (including extra-tough 'Knock Out') surrounded by a ring of no-fuss lady's mantle.

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      Pastel Corner Small Garden

      At home decorating a retaining wall or perfectly beautiful on its own, this 7-by-8-foot small garden plan is filled with veronica, bluebells, and more, so you can enjoy a great show all summer.

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      Bird and Butterfly Small Garden

      Attract scores of butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard with this simple 6-by-10-foot small garden plan. Fragrant butterfly bush and phlox provide treats for your nose, as well as your winged garden guests.

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      Sidewalk Small Garden

      Soften your sidewalk with this lush cottage-style small garden design. Measuring only 6x10 feet, it offers loads of color from easy-to-grow old-fashioned plants such as geraniums and nasturtiums.

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      Arbor Small Garden

      Bring an arbor from functional to sensational by planting around it. This simple 6-by-10-foot small garden plan is perfect for that purpose. A variety of climbing roses add color, while carefree daylilies and yarrow put on a show down low.

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      Entry Small Garden

      Here's another take on turning an arbor into a showcase in your yard. This 5-by-13-foot small garden design offers big perennials such as Joe Pye weed and 'Herbstonne' black-eyed Susan instead of vines.

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      Blue Small Garden

      Blue is the rarest color in flowers -- so celebrate it with a whole small garden design idea! This 7-by-10-foot garden will fill your yard with soothing hues from sky blue to midnight.

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      Spring Small Garden

      You can fit plenty of tulips, daffodils, and early season perennials in a 12-by-6-foot small garden. Here's a great example that's a perfect start-of-the-season treat for your landscape.

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      Slope Small Garden

      Make a statement on a difficult-to-maintain hill with this practically carefree 8-by-9-foot small garden design. Colorful sedums look great with thyme and New Zealand flax and take care of themselves.

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      Red Small Garden

      Go bold in your yard with an all-red small garden plan. Here's an easy-to-grow plan for a partly shaded 8-by-10-foot space. Enjoy beautiful lilies, dahlias, and more all summer long.

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      Yellow Small Garden

      Red not your color? Try yellow! This cheery 8-by-10-foot small garden idea serves up hosts of blooms from favorites such as zinnia, daylily, and cleome.

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      Perennial Small Garden

      If flowers are your thing, this is the small garden plan for you. Seven high-performance perennials will give you plenty of flowers, all summer long and into fall. Tuck the 9-by-9-foot garden into a corner or plop it in the middle of the lawn -- these plants will put on a show.

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      Easy-Care Small Garden

      This 14-by-6-foot small garden plan features easy-to-grow, reliable plants that require minimal care. There will be something happening in the garden throughout the growing season. In spring, Siberian iris starts the parade. Summer is anchored by coneflower's cheerful flowers. Pink sedum completes the show in fall.

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      Cottage Small Garden

      Blousy and comfortable, small cottage gardens practically ooze with charm. This 7-by-12-foot version offers lots of blooms that look great in the vase and garden.

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