The Best Flowers for Wet Soil

Turn a wet, poorly drained spot in your yard into a colorful landscape feature with these perennial flowers and ornamental grasses.

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Fall Veggies to Plant Now

Grow these cool-season vegetables and herbs to extend your garden's harvests in spring and fall. This list of vegetables includes seasonal vegetables, green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, winter vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fall vegetables and more.

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Improve Poor Drainage

Follow these tips to transform a poorly drained area into an easy-care garden.

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Plants Blooming

Deadheading is a popular practice ¿ but do you know all the ways to keep flowers on your plants longer? Follow these easy tips for keeping your favorite shrubs and flowers blooming longer.

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Top Plant Picks for Late-Summer Color

Keep the color coming on strong through the end of the growing season with these easy-care, reliable annuals and perennials.

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Plan for a Gorgeous Fall Landscape

See how two great gardeners -- one on the East Coast and one on the West -- created knock-your-socks-off fall yards -- and learn how you can do the same.

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Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Transforming an unsightly slope or mound in your backyard into a colorful rock garden is easy when you chose the right plants. These amazing, low-maintenance ground huggers don't mind poor soil but do need good drainage to survive. Here's a list of our top plants for rock gardens.

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The next time a harmless garter snake slithers near you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Length: 18-51 inches.
  • Number of stripes on a garter: 3. One runs down the middle of the back; the others are on each side of the belly with a checkerboard pattern between.
  • Rows of teeth: 4. A garter's mouth contains several small teeth that point backward. The teeth are used to move live prey down its throat.
  • Average litter: 18. Live young (not eggs) are delivered in late summer or early fall and mature in two year.
  • Species of garters: 13. All garters are members of the largest common snake family; Colubridae.

Did You Know?

  • The garter snake was named for its resemblance to the garters worn by men and women of generations past.
  • Without constriction or venom, garter snakes feast on earthworms, fish, frogs, toads, salamanders, mice, and bird eggs.
  • When annoyed or frightened, garter snakes emit a musky odor and/or defecate. They may also bite but are not venomous; if there is a reaction it is usually only a slight rash.

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