Garden Markers

Mounted on short wooden stakes, these copper garden markers feature embossed designs inspired by seed-catalog drawings.

What You Need:

  • 2 -- 3-1/2x4-1/2" pieces of thin copper
  • Steel wool or scouring pad
  • Transfer paper
  • Newspaper
  • Stylus or a dowel with one sharpened end
  • Ruler and crafts stick
  • India ink or permanent black marker
  • 10" piece of 1/8"-thick craft-wood strip or wood lath


1. Buff the copper with steel wool.

2. Use transfer paper to transfer one of the patterns shown here onto the copper. (Or use an image from a seed packet or seed catalog for inspiration and draw the design freehand.)

3. Use a stylus or the sharpened end of a dowel to draw over the lines of the design. Press down firmly on the copper as you work, creating indents in the copper. After outlining shapes, turn the copper over and create raised areas.

4. Coat the embossed design with India ink or a permanent black marker and let the ink dry. Using a steel wool pad or a scouring pad, buff the ink from the high spots of the embossed design.

5. Use a stylus and a ruler to emboss a line 1/4" inside the outside edges of the rectangle, if desired.

6. Fold the two pieces together: On the wrong sides of the copper, hold a ruler 1/8" above the bottom edge of each copper piece and fold the copper edge up. Place the two copper pieces together with the embossed design on the front and the two folded bottom edges aligned and facing each other. Holding the pieces together and using a ruler as described above, fold the edges of the pieces under 1/8" along the sides and the top. Crease all of the folded lines with a crafts stick or any hard edge.

7. Insert a 10" length of craft wood or wood lath between the two copper pieces at the bottom of the copper label.