Garden Shopping on the Web

We know you'd rather spend your daylight hours in the garden, so when the sun sets, go online to shop for lawn and gardening supplies.
24-Hour Gardener

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The Web offers a wide
selection of garden products,
from the basics -- like flower seed --
to more specialty items.

Web sites are as plentiful as dandelions, and we weeded through a thicket of Gardening e-commerce sites to find the best for you this spring. Breadth of selection, ease of navigation, and good value were the criteria we considered. We also looked for unique and useful products, accommodating customer service, and special online features that help shoppers utilize products more efficiently.

Finding a good value is more challenging online than in a conventional retail shopping environment. After all, you can't touch and feel. So, look for a flexible return policy on the 'Net. And remember: Nothing will replace a reliable local nursery anytime soon.

In the listings below, we've tried to find at least one superb site in the critical gardening categories -- supplies, tools, organic gardening products, window boxes, bulbs, plants, seeds, and so on.

So...dig in!

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