Animal Pests

Bugs are bothersome, but four-legged pests can ruin just as much of your garden. You can stop these animals -- deer, rabbits, and moles, to name just a few -- in their tracks. One good place to start is plants that offer more resistance to critters such as rabbits; we have the best varieties that are less palatable to these animals. Region by region, different plants can withstand deer better than others; try to pick the plants that are best for where you live. In addition to plants, these tips can help you deter deer; use our advice to keep these creatures out of your yard. Moles can do horrible damage and are difficult to get rid of, but there are methods that work; see which ones fare better than others. Some snakes, such as garter snakes, are harmless, but it never hurts to keep some tips in mind when you see one slithering by. They may be man's best friends, but dogs can be a gardener's worst headache. How can you keep your plants healthy and let your dogs stay active, too? We have ideas to help you, your garden, and your dogs stay in balance.

Tricks to Gardening with Nature
Top Deer-Resistant Plants

Find out which plants can withstand deer in your region.

Tips for Dealing with Squirrels

Prevent squirrels and chipmunks from making a mess of your garden.

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Animal Pests