The Best Flowers for Wet Soil

Turn a wet, poorly drained spot in your yard into a colorful landscape feature with these perennial flowers and ornamental grasses.

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Fall Veggies to Plant Now

Grow these cool-season vegetables and herbs to extend your garden's harvests in spring and fall. This list of vegetables includes seasonal vegetables, green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, winter vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fall vegetables and more.

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Improve Poor Drainage

Follow these tips to transform a poorly drained area into an easy-care garden.

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Plants Blooming

Deadheading is a popular practice ¿ but do you know all the ways to keep flowers on your plants longer? Follow these easy tips for keeping your favorite shrubs and flowers blooming longer.

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Top Plant Picks for Late-Summer Color

Keep the color coming on strong through the end of the growing season with these easy-care, reliable annuals and perennials.

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Plan for a Gorgeous Fall Landscape

See how two great gardeners -- one on the East Coast and one on the West -- created knock-your-socks-off fall yards -- and learn how you can do the same.

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Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Transforming an unsightly slope or mound in your backyard into a colorful rock garden is easy when you chose the right plants. These amazing, low-maintenance ground huggers don't mind poor soil but do need good drainage to survive. Here's a list of our top plants for rock gardens.

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Pest & Problem Fixes

Planting the right varieties for your region and your interests isn't enough: To have the best garden you can have you must go on the offensive to prevent and treat any pest and insect infestations in your landscape. Start with animal pests, including destructive rabbits, deer, and moles. They can quickly chew plants down to the ground or dig up under a lawn, ruining your yard. Deter them with the top resistant plants for your region. Or use one of the various protection methods that keep these animals from making headway. Insects, diseases, and weeds are also troublesome issues for a gardener. To get rid of them, learn to identify the worst ones, which help you learn the best ways to control and eliminate them (including ideas to draw bats to your yard). Common pests such as aphids, cabbage loopers, cucumber beetles, Japanese beetles, and fall webworms are menaces, but there are organic methods to deal with them. Snakes are often harmless, but nonetheless there are things to keep in mind when you do encounter them in the garden. Finally, dogs may be man's best friends, but they can be a true hassle in the garden. Fortunately there is balance -- having a great yard and having active dogs. Find tips to peacefully coexist.

Weed Identification Guide

Don't let weeds rob your garden of its beauty. Use our guide to help you...

Vinegar as Weed Killer

Vinegar is a jack-of-all-trades around the home. In addition to the zing it...

How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie

Wondering how to kill Creeping Charlie? Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea)...

How to Get Rid of Moles

Damage caused by moles is quite possibly the most frustrating problem in the...

Editors' Picks: Top Rabbit-Resistant Plants

We've pulled together a gallery of some of our favorite plants that rabbits...

Stop Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles can be a huge hindrance to a healthy garden. Getting rid of...

How to Weed Your Garden

Get tips and tricks on how to get rid of weeds in your garden.

Stop Garden Pests

Get tips for identifying and controlling some of the most common insects and...

Stop Grubs in Your Lawn

White grubs can be serious lawn pests. Knowing when to control them saves you...

Stop Squash Vine Borers in Your Garden

This disgusting little pest can turn a large, healthy squash plant into a...

Top Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Region

We've pulled together the top deer-resistant plants for each region. Click...

Tips for Deterring Deer

Keep the deer from eating their way through your garden with these tricks.

Stop Fall Webworms the Organic Way

Don't let webworms ruin your fall garden. Use these organic remedies to get ri...

Weed Control in Gardens

Use our guide to prevent and control weeds in your garden.

How to Get Rid of Bugs in Your Garden

Learn how to get rid of bad bugs in your garden without damaging the...

Winning the Weed War

Looking for a battle plan to assist you in the war on weeds? Here are 15...

Stopping Squirrels and Chipmunks

Minimize the impact squirrels and chipmunks can have on your yard with these...

Save Your Roses from Black Spot

Try these tips for preventing black spot from ruining your perfect roses.

Stop Grasshoppers in Your Garden

Don't let grasshoppers leave your garden ragged. Use these tips to keep your...

Eliminate Weed Plants from Your Garden

Weeds are tough competitors in a garden. Here's how to fight and win your weed...

Stop Aphids in Your Garden

Don't let aphids ruin your garden. Use these tips to keep your plants safe.

Stop Sawflies

Although this pest looks like a worm or a slug, it's neither, and that makes a...

Stop Squash Bugs in Your Garden

Keep your squash and pumpkins safe from these annoying insect pests.

How to Control Garden Pests

Here are some natural and nontoxic ways to protect your flower and vegetable...

Garden Pest Control

Learn how to identify 10 common flower and plant insects, as well as good...

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