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Planting the right varieties for your region and your interests isn't enough: To have the best garden you can have you must go on the offensive to prevent and treat any pest and insect infestations in your landscape. Start with animal pests, including destructive rabbits, deer, and moles. They can quickly chew plants down to the ground or dig up under a lawn, ruining your yard. Deter them with the top resistant plants for your region. Or use one of the various protection methods that keep these animals from making headway. Insects, diseases, and weeds are also troublesome issues for a gardener. To get rid of them, learn to identify the worst ones, which help you learn the best ways to control and eliminate them (including ideas to draw bats to your yard). Common pests such as aphids, cabbage loopers, cucumber beetles, Japanese beetles, and fall webworms are menaces, but there are organic methods to deal with them. Snakes are often harmless, but nonetheless there are things to keep in mind when you do encounter them in the garden. Finally, dogs may be man's best friends, but they can be a true hassle in the garden. Fortunately there is balance -- having a great yard and having active dogs. Find tips to peacefully coexist.


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Stop Garden Pests
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