Tabletop Fountains

If you aren't blessed with a view of a lake or stream, create the same feeling indoors with a tabletop garden tray or a fountain made with terra-cotta pots and stones.
Tabletop Water Garden
Tabletop Water Garden
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You don't need much
to make this "water garden."

River rocks arranged in a shallow saucer update the classic concept of a rose bowl and make a condiment tray worthy of comment.

Choose glazed saucers that will hold water for your tabletop garden; unglazed terra-cotta will leach water onto your table.

What You Need:

  • 11-inch glazed terra cotta saucer
  • 19-inch glazed saucer
  • Smooth stones
  • Water
  • Freshly clipped flower blossoms


1. To make the tray shown here, place an 11-inch glazed terra-cotta saucer in a 19-inch glazed saucer.

2. Fill the small saucer with smooth stones.

3. Add water, then tuck in a freshly clipped flower blossom. Be sure to leave enough stem so the flower can drink in the water.

4. Place small potted plants in the large saucer, and add some tiny saucers filled with salt, pepper, or other condiments.

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