Water Gardens

With soothing sounds and distinctive plants, water features such as ponds, pools, and water gardens are varied, beautiful, and welcome additions to the garden. We have ideas to help you pick one that's perfect for your landscape. Get started with 19 diverse ideas, from small fountains to expansive ponds. Smaller water features are great do-it-yourself projects; try a deck-top pond, a pond in a bucket, or a pond in a box. All are easy to build, require little maintenance, and are small enough to fit in slim locations, such as a balcony or apartment garden. Some gardeners like fish in their water features; many types of fish are appropriate for water gardens, and we have a guide to help you choose and care for yours. Whatever the size of your water feature, you'll have to take care of it; use tips from members at BHG.com, or check out a care guide to keep plants healthy and beautiful. If you're having trouble choosing from the different types of water-garden plants, start with some of our favorite top-performing foliage and flowers, and check out our ideas for planting and caring for water lilies.


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Water Garden Ideas
9 Fun DIY Water Features

It's easy to create your own fountain or pond!

12 Terrific Water Lilies

You're sure to have success by selecting one of these varieties.

How to Plant Around a Pond

Create a natural-looking pond edge with these tips.

Everything in Water Gardens
Ponds & Pools
Water Garden Plants
Water Garden Projects


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