Big Ideas for Your Landscape

Looking to solve a slope, add privacy, or create a better backyard for entertaining friends and family? Check out our plans for plenty of clever ideas.

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Create a Contemporary Landscape

    Get a sleek, modern look with this plan. It includes cool pavers, a water feature, and more

Entertain Your Friends and Family

    Make your yard the perfect spot for neighborhood and family gatherings.

Go with High Design

    Use these tips to get a yard that's hip and stylish.

Attract Birds and Butterflies

    Employ these tips to fill your yard with beautiful birds and butterflies.

Make Your Yard Accessible

    Plan out a yard that's easy for anyone to enjoy.

Solve a Slope

    Transform a tough-to-maintain hillside into a beautiful display with our tips.

Spend More Time Outdoors

    Get out and enjoy your yard with these easy ideas.

Create Formal Style

    The formal look never goes out of style. Add these classic elements to your yard.

Tackle a Triangular Lot

    Not sure what to do with an oddly shaped corner lot? Try this!

Landscape a Long, Narrow Lot

    Make the most of a narrow yard with these ideas.

Add Beauty to a Small Space

    Turn a small yard into a spectacular display.

Delve into a Deep Yard

    Pack a ton of color and interest in a long, narrow backyard.

Finish it Off with Formal Character

    Go for a classic look in your landscape with crisp, clean formal lines.

Create a Cozy Landscape

    Give yourself a quiet, comfortable backyard.

Keep it Simple

    Enjoy a great-looking landscape that's not a lot of work.

Build a Private Getaway

    Use these tips to create the feeling you're in the middle of nowhere.

Achieve the Tuscan Look

    Make your yard feel like it's in the middle of Tuscany.

Go for English Style

    Use the elements of formal British design to make your yard shine.

Make a Low-Maintenance Landscape

    Spend less time working in your yard and more time enjoying it.

Embrace Classic Style

    Add elegance to your yard with these tips for creating the formal look.

Give Character to a Corner

    Make the most of a large corner lot.

Garden in Pieces

    Tackle one area at a time if you're starting from scratch.

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