Garden Landscape Plans

When it comes to creating a garden landscape plan, the most difficult thing is often the starting point. Our collection of garden landscape plans and ideas makes it easy to fill your entire yard. Start by seeing the dramatic transformation of spaces in before-and-after photos. Then, think about your own yard: Do you do a lot of entertaining? We have a landscape garden plan for you, with tips to transition easily from small gatherings or to accommodate large families. Front yards are often underused -- and under planted; our large, welcoming front yard garden plan will have you pulling up a chair to take a new perspective on your landscape. There are also garden landscape plans to cut down on the work you have to do -- no-mow, for example, or low-maintenance. A garden landscaping plan doesn't have to break your budget; try these ideas to economically enhance your front yard. Families spend so much of their time in the yard -- but spaces have to be friendly for both parents and kids. These garden landscape plans do both, with areas that allow for activity and escape. A small yard deserves the same attention as a large yard; these plans for both small backyards and small front yards will give you seasonal color and interest.


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Landscape Plans for Every Yard

Check out our selection of landscape plans and get ideas to reinvent your yard.

Small-Yard Landscaping Plan

Get great ideas for landscaping despite a lack of space.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Plan

Download this free landscaping plan if you're short on time or garden know-how.

More Garden Landscaping resources

Draw your landscaping plan online!

Landscape Solutions

Solve common yard problems.

Garden Plan Finder

Get a custom garden plan.

Gardening Where You Are

Get tips for your specific region.

Everything in Garden Landscape Plans
Landscape Plans


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