Three-Year Landscape Plan

This year-by-year approach to landscaping your backyard will stretch your budget and save your back.
Starting from Scratch
Animation of 3 Year Landscape Plan
From bare lot to showcase yard in
three years.

Whether you are starting from scratch with a new house and a builder's landscape job, or just want to renovate your existing yard, it will pay you to plan carefully and stage your project over several years. This three-year plan may not work for your needs, but it illustrates some key planning points to keep in mind as you develop your own ideas.

Before version of 3 Year Landscape Plan

Our sample yard starts out with little more than a few trees and shrubs. There is only the inkling of an entry landscape, and the rear patio is minimal. There is also no privacy in the backyard, few shady areas for relaxation, and no amenities to tempt you or your guests into the yard.

Let's follow these homeowners as they address these, and other, shortcomings.

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