4 Fresh Flower-Petal Craft Projects

Try these projects for your next garden party.

Presents with Presence

For gifts almost too pretty to open, wrap packages in colorful paper and decorate them with cuttings from the garden. This quartet features diagonal bands of tiny hydrangea petals, a repeat motif of inkberry leaves, a ribbon of variegated ivy, and a nosegay of purple salvia with golden Hakone grass.

Embrace whimsical garden design with these fresh ideas.

Frozen Flowers

Even a glass of water takes on a fresh sparkle with flowery ice cubes. Place rose petals, nasturtiums, pansies -- the petals of any edible flower -- in an ice-cube tray and fill halfway with distilled water. After an hour, add more water and freeze again. Layering ensures that the blossom will stay in the center and not float up.

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Scented Invitations

Let guests know that your party will be special: Slip a fragrant flower or leaf into the invitation so its perfume is released when they open the envelope. Choose a type that will retain its scent and color, such as golden sage leaves, lavender, pressed rosebuds, or rose petals.

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Party Pathway

Guide guests to your party place by strewing a path with petals, such as rose, geranium, and marigold. Collect petals a day or two before, when you're sprucing up the garden. Just refrigerate them until party day.

Garden Path Ideas

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