Popular in Garden Structures

Garden Structures

Enhance your landscape with arbors, pergolas, or other garden structures.

Landscaping Timber Bed

Here's a quick way to give your backyard a lift, adding variety and interest...

A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Add storage to your garden with personalized style. Our gallery of garden shed...

Perfect backyard playhouses

These amazingly inventive backyard playhouses are inspiring to the young (and...

How to Build a Raised Bed

Raised beds make growing any plant easier. Use these easy instructions to buil...

17 Stylish Arbor Ideas

Add structure and style to your garden with a beautiful arbor.

Add Interest to Your Yard with a Pergola

Create a landscape that looks good all year long with these creative ideas for...

Make Your Own Arbor

Add year-round interest to your landscape with a willow arbor. We'll show you...

Decorative Fence Ideas

Add privacy and structure to your garden with one of our stylish and practical...

Chicken Coop Basics

The backyard chickens movement towards self-reliance and sustainability is...

12 Stylish Garden Gates

Invite visitors to your garden with an enchanting entrance and stylish gate.

Trellises and Vine Supports

Give vines in your garden a new place to climb with these clever trellis ideas.

Materials for Raised Garden Beds

Here's an overview of the most common materials for building raised garden beds.

Patio Landscaping

Make the most of your patio with these easy landscaping tips.

Brick Raised Bed

For a decorative and long-lasting bed, brick is a good choice.

Building a Simple Cold Frame

Extend your gardening season with this easy-to-build miniature greenhouse.

Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken coop plans make building a home for your feathered friends much easier...

Build a Screen for Your Compost

A compost pile can be unsightly, but you can keep it hidden with this...

Latticework Privacy Screens

An elegant solution to an age-old problem, lattice screens block unwanted view...

Building a Plant Obelisk

Create a year-round garden accent with this stylish plant obelisk. Whether...

Build a Raised Bed

Raised beds are easy to build and a beneficial addition to any garden.

Free Trellis Plan

Learn to make a beautiful trellis for your garden or landscape with this free...

Building a Bentwood Plant Tepee

This twiggy tepee, known in garden circles as a tuteur, guides and supports...

Make Your Own Garden Shed

Add beauty and function to your landscape with a great-looking garden shed.

Building a Window Frame Trellis

In just one afternoon, turn an old window or door frame into a rustic trellis...


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