Choosing Houseplants

Flowers and foliage outside are great, but inside, their beauty is more than welcome -- indoor plants bring life to your home. Caring for indoor plants is different from caring for plants in the landscape. We have all the information you need to get started successfully. Begin with our Houseplant Finder. It will help you figure out which plants are best for where you live; you'll also find ideas for maintaining their health and beauty. If you have no interest in fussing over houseplants, choose easy-to-care-for varieties; try our recommended options for color. One of the reasons to add plants to your house is for fragrance; scented selections will provide wonderfully sweet smells inside. You may live in a climate that's too cold to keep tropical plants healthy outdoors; if so, growing them indoors is a great solution. Particularly welcome at holiday time, amaryllis plants now come in more colors than red; look for pretty hues of pink and white as well as striped varieties. Orchids used to be much more high maintenance, but new varieties are more colorful and easier to grow.


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