Propagating Houseplants

You can enlarge your houseplant collection inexpensively by propagating the plants you already have, and you can also grow them from seed.
Tip Cuttings

The growing tips of many plants will produce vigorous new plants when cut and rooted properly.

Cut Root Tips Step 1

1. To propagate new plants from most multistemmed plants, try rooting tip cuttings. First, cut 4 to 6 inches from the tip of the main stem or side branch. Cut just below a node (where leaf and stem meet).

Hormone Powder Step 2

2. Remove the lower leaves and any flowers. Dust cut ends with rooting hormone powder, then plant in moist rooting medium (half peat moss, half perlite works well); keep leaves above soil. Or, skip powder and place in water.

Sprout Roots Step 3

3. Provide indirect light and bottom heat. When cuttings resist tugs, they are taking root. Dig up gently, check root growth, and pot up. Move cuttings in water to another rooting medium as soon as roots sprout; pot up.

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