Caring for Houseplants

Once you've chosen houseplants that add the best bloom and foliage to your inside rooms, how do you keep them healthy with the changing interior light and variable conditions? With a little preparation and some care, you can keep your houseplants looking beautiful. For example, sometimes the light inside houses isn't enough to keep houseplants growing well; learn how and when you may need to supplement and what lights to use. Potting soil and garden soil are not the same; learn how to create your own mix and how to choose among over-the-counter versions, too. How healthy your interior air is also helps to determine how healthy your plants are, but you can improve the air inside; here's how. Before you pick a container, evaluate your plant's needs, as well as your home's style; here's how to make a good match. As your houseplants grow, they will need to be divided and repotted; do it with success in our step-by-step guide. If you notice problems with your houseplants, solve them before they get serious with a careful inspection of your indoor plants. One of the trendiest (and easiest) ways to grow plants indoors is in a terrarium; here's how to create a miniature garden that thrives under glass.


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