Houseplants add unmistakable living beauty with foliage and flowers to the inside of your house. From beginners to experts, you'll find something to learn (and to grow) in our guide to houseplants. If you've never tended anything inside, turn to one of the top picks or easy growers for beginners for gorgeous indoor blooms. If you are a forgetful gardener, then you'll love our collection of great indoor plants that thrive on neglect (and enjoy our care tips). Color is one thing, but fragrance is too, and there are houseplants that provide sweet smells inside. Orchids are incredibly distinctive and beautiful; try one of these 10 easy orchids to add charm to your rooms. Ferns are a popular, and fairly easy, plant; add a lush, tropical feel with these ferns. Potting soil is different than the garden soil you find outside: Choose some from a store, or follow our guide to make your own. It's important to keep your houseplants healthy all year long; find everything you need to know, from repotting and potting up to propagating, as well as types of containers and proper vacation care. And if you're not sure what houseplant is right for you, take our quick quiz to find the best one.


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