Holiday Greenery

Winter doesn't have to be downtime for folks who love gardening. This collection of holiday greenery feeds your need to create plant-based beauty.
Potted Swag

Swag a fence or gate with this easy potted garland project.

What You Need:

  • Cedar garland
  • Terra-cotta pots
  • Sisal rope
  • 3 sturdy hooks
  • Potting soil
  • Cold-hardy plants, such as primroses (In warm climates, poinsettias may be used.)


1. Build the base. Attach a hook at the top of each gatepost and at the center of the beam over the gate. Place garland over hooks, allowing it to drape between hooks and puddle on the ground at the sides. Cut two pieces of sisal rope. Each piece should be long enough to reach from a hook to the ground. Tie a knot at the bottom of each rope. Fray excess rope below knots into tassels. Thread unfrayed rope ends through drain holes of terra-cotta pots, sliding pots along ropes until they rest on knots.

2. Attach pots. Leaving equal lengths of rope between pots, continue tying knots and threading ropes through terra-cotta pots until an equal number of pots are attached to each rope. Secure one rope to each hook mounted on gatepost.

3. Plant flowers in the terra-cotta pots.

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