July Gardening Tips for the Northeast

Keep up with the harvest and tend to watering chores -- just a few of the garden chores that need to be done this month.
Water Smart

Conserve water when you garden by following these water-wise irrigation tips:


  • Inspect hoses. Check water hoses while they're under full water pressure. Look for leaky connections. Repair as needed.
  • Trade out the sprinkler. Where possible, install soaker hoses, or a drip tube system, both of which deliver water directly to soil.
  • Watch the water. At least monthly, observe automatic irrigation systems in action. Make sure you?re not watering hard surfaces, such as sidewalks or driveways.
  • Add a rain barrel to catch runoff from rooftops. Install the largest barrel you can afford. Choose one with a cover to prevent wildlife or children from falling in. Make sure the water release spout is situated high enough to allow rain water to flow into your watering container of choice.
  • Install a timer on sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems. If you purchase a timer, look for one that includes a rainfall shut-off device. New wireless timers gather weather data from the local weather observation stations and adjust watering frequency accordingly.

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