June Gardening Tips for the Mountain West and High Plains

With pleasantly warm days and refreshingly cool nights, June is an ideal time in high altitude gardens. Use our checklist to keep your yard looking its best this month.
Fire Defense
Pruning Safety

If you live in a fire-prone area, check with your local fire department to learn how to landscape in ways that minimize damage during wildfires. Start by removing fuel sources near your home:

Trim branches that overhang structures.

Remove brush and dead vegetation on your property, especially near your home.

Keep plantings irrigated.

Move firewood piles away from buildings.

Clear gutters and roofs of plant material like dead leaves or pine needles.

Prune lower limbs of trees and remove small trees and shrubs beneath taller trees to eliminate fuel sources that enable flames to climb vegetation like a ladder.

Test Garden Tip: Maintain a fire-safe zone around your home that's a minimum of 30 feet (100+ feet on sloping sites). In this zone, space vegetation clumps 10 to 15 feet apart, separated by non-combustible materials.

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