Gardening in the Mountain West

Hot and cold temperatures, high elevations, drying winds -- those are just some of the conditions that gardeners in the Mountain West and High Plains have to contend with. The right plants and gardening methods can help them grow beautiful, colorful gardens from spring until fall. Low-maintenance natives are a good place to start. We have 15 native plants that work extraordinarily well in these regions. For year-after-year color, old-fashioned perennials and wildflowers can't be beat. These no-fail varieties work whether you're just getting a garden started or tending one that's already established. Like everywhere else, gardeners in the Mountain West and High Plains like to attract birds and butterflies. Easily draw in both with the best plants for these winged visitors. The regional climate conditions shouldn't stop you from growing what you want, and that includes roses; try these varieties for beautiful success. From early-spring bloomers to the final flowers of fall, consider these reliable plants for your garden. If you're unsure how to take care of your lawn or what to do in the rest of the garden from month to month, turn to our lawn-care calendar or our yearly schedule for tips, inspiration, and ideas on maintaining the perfect outdoor spaces.


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gardening tips for the mountain west
Butterfly Plants for the Mountain West

Grow these varieties and you're sure to attract butterflies.

Edibles for the Mountain West

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Mountain West Lawn-Care Calendar

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