April Gardening Tips for the Midwest

Celebrate spring's arrival by spending time in the garden. There's plenty to do in the Midwestern garden in April.
Enjoy Spring Color
Tulip, narcissus and geranium

When daffodils and hyacinth are finished flowering, clip off the faded blossoms. Allow leaves to naturally turn yellow; as they do so, they're storing food vital to next year's flower show.

Bulb foliage turns yellow, then brown -- and can detract from a pretty spring garden. Disguise this ugly-duckling stage by planting perennials that will unfurl pretty foliage as bulb leaves die. Some of our favorites include fall-flowering sedum, 'Rozanne' geranium, peonies, and daylilies.


Test Garden Tip: Spring containers sparkle when you tuck forced bulbs into outdoor planters. You can buy forced bulbs at supermarkets and home centers. Look for daffodils, tulips, or hyacinths. This is a great way to enjoy tulips in areas where otherwise rodents dig and devour bulbs.


If you want a longer spring show, fill containers with long-blooming cool-season color: spicy-scented flowering stock, pansy, sweet alyssum, or snapdragon.

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