Gardening in the Midwest

If you garden in the Midwest, do you know when to plan, when to plant, and when to harvest? Have you ever been stumped about the right time to fertilize, deadhead, or mulch? Check out our month-by-month calendar of tasks and suggestions for gardening in the Midwest. You'll find helpful reminders as well as insights into the best times to take care of everything in the garden. After that, move on to our ideas for plant selections. Start with fragrance, for example: Add soothing scents to your spaces with these top plants for smell. You can also grow your own fruit trees in the Midwest -- if you pick the right varieties; these varieties offer great-tasting harvests. Native plants are a favorite from region to region, and the Midwest is no exception; try these low-maintenance charmers. A garden is no good if deer chomp through it; discourage them with favorite plants that deer keep off the menu. If you're looking to add beauty to your spaces, find inspiration in a few of our favorite Midwest gardens, including a colorful cottage space and a shady landscape styled by a self-taught gardener.


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top midwest gardening tips
Must-Grow Plants for Butterflies

Be sure to include these beautiful bloomers in your yard.

Deer-Resistant Beauties

Check out top plants for the Midwest that deer usually don't eat.

Native Plants for the Midwest

Add low-maintenance beauty with tough native plants.

Everything in Gardening in the Midwest
Monthly Midwestern Gardening Tips


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