10 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Gardening

You might not believe it, but you were born with a green thumb. It may have gone untended for a while, but it's there waiting for you to nudge it awake. Put away your theory of being a plant killer, that anything dies under your care. Forget those nagging thoughts of where your garden will live or when you'll find the time, it's there somewhere. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and you'll get more than you give. So, here are 10 tips for conquering your fear of gardening:

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Gardening Tips for Renters

Want to bring more green to your house or apartment? Using a few easy, inexpensive techniques, <a href="http://www.thehorticult.com/">The Horticult</a> shows how you can garden like you own the place -- without risking your security deposit. You don't have to own your home to create a garden that reflects your personal style. Grow your favorite plants and create an inspired landscape -- or patio, interior, or balcony -- using these fun, low-commitment methods. (Although you might want to check with your landlord about the larger projects!) And if you move, you can take it all with you. These 10 tips for renters will give your garden a new lease on life.

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Summer Checklist

Summer is a gardener¿s busiest season. If you¿re short on time or not sure what to do, follow this easy summer gardening checklist to keep your lawn and garden in great shape all season long.

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Drought-Tolerant Grasses

Drought! The word itself strikes fear into the hearts of gardeners everywhere. Scarce water resources, especially in hard hit areas such as California and Texas, are making it almost impossible to maintain traditional style lawns. That's why many people are replacing their lawns with groundcovers and native plants. But for those who want a lush green lawn, here are some less-thirsty options.

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How to Improve Garden Soil

Many homeowners inherit bad garden soil ¿ but you don¿t have to live with it! Learn how to get the best garden soil possible through amendments, composting, and more.

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Top Shade Perennials

Shade plants are perfect for those tough spots in your yard. Learn about the best shade-loving perennials, including flowering shade perennials, partial shade perennials, and full-shade perennials.

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Landscape Ideas

Landscape ideas provide inspiration, and studies show that upgrading your landscape will add value to your home. Here are some great landscape ideas to improve your home's outward appeal.

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Popular in Gardening

Gardening in the Southwest

There's so much to love about gardening in the Desert Southwest: the colorful plants and amazing variety of foliage, to name just two. But gardening in the Desert Southwest also has its challenges, which is why we put together this guide to help you create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain landscape. Start with plants that are resilient to deer, so you don't have to worry about wildlife devastating your flowerbeds. Or choose tough growers that have already adapted to the climate of the Desert Southwest. Try 15 great native plants and even more no-fail perennials that are beautiful, too. You'll enjoy taking a tour of a Desert Southwest garden in Texas, with lots of outdoor living spaces that are made for family and friends. If you're new to gardening in the Desert Southwest, use these woody plants and fragrant flowers adapted to the arid climate to help find balance with the limited water supply. You'll also enjoy the beautiful selections that draw birds and butterflies to your yard, and you'll appreciate the edibles you can grow, harvest, and eat. Use our month-by-month calendar to make your garden tasks easier to manage.

15 Great Native Plants for Southwestern Gardens

Add low-maintenance beauty to your yard with these tough Southwestern plants.

No-Fail Perennials of the Southwest

Beloved, hardy, low-maintenance pass-along plants are the best friend-makers a...

Top Deer-Resistant Plants of the Southwest

Pick these beautiful varieties if deer are a problem in your area.

Easy-Care Desert Landscaping Ideas

Get helpful tips and tricks from a professional landscape designer the desert.

A Garden You Can Live In

This Texas garden is made for relaxing with plenty of outdoor living options,...

Southwest Lawn-Care Calendar

Growing a lawn in the Desert Southwest can be a challenge. Here's a seasonal...

Top Fruit Trees for the Southwest

Plant these desert-hardy trees and enjoy garden-fresh fruit in the Southwest.

Top Flowering Shrubs for the Desert Southwest

Select these flowering shrubs for Southwestern yards and you're sure to be...

Top Roses for Gardens in the Southwest

What's the secret to growing beautiful, healthy roses? Picking the right...

Grow Desert Plants

Live in an arid region and yearn for a lovely landscape? Stick with desert...

Best Fragrant Flowers for the Desert Southwest

Use these classic plants to bring welcome fragrance to your southwestern garden.

Texas Landscaping

Texas has eight different landscaping regions that range in temperature,...

Flowers that Hold Up to Summer Heat in the Desert Southwest

When it comes to heat-tolerant plants, gardeners in the Southwest are experts....

Desert Landscape Ideas for New Gardeners

Creating desert landscapes in arid climates is a challenge only if you're...

April Tips: The Desert Southwest

The garden season is in full swing. Grab your gloves and enjoy the chores --...

Arizona Landscaping

With a little research and careful plant selection, you can make a success out...

July Gardening Tips for the Desert Southwest

Grab a little time this month in the morning breeze to water, trim spent bloom...

Best Plants for Butterflies in the Southwest

Attract a variety of butterflies to your southwestern garden with these...

May Gardening Tips for the Desert Southwest

Enjoy the garden this month -- before summer heat arrives. Use our checklist t...

Elegant Edibles for the Southwest

Include edible plants in ornamental beds for an eye-catching Southwest garden.

June Gardening Tips for the Desert Southwest

Get ready for the arrival of hot, dry weather in June. By tending to chores,...

November Gardening Tips for the Desert Southwest

This is the month to start putting the garden to bed, but don't despair....

September Tips: The Desert Southwest

Sharpen your spades and start preparing for a flurry of planting.

March Gardening Tips for the Southwest

Spring isn't far off. This month it's time to tend to spring garden chores and...


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