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    Fall Color Garden Plan

    This entry garden looks great all year round. But it really shines in late summer through autumn. Stalwarts like coreopsis and daylily provide long seasons of summer bloom. As the days grow shorter, asters, mums, sedum, and other fall bloomers come into their own.

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    Garden Design for a Deck

    A garden design featuring easy-to-grow shrubs and perennials enhances this deck and helps it blend into the garden. The free-form beds include plants in a range of heights and foliage colors, helping maintain interest even when the flowers are not in bloom.

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    A Three-Year Landscape Plan

    This year-by-year approach to landscaping your backyard will stretch your budget and save your back. Year One sets the stage with trees and shrubs. Year Two adds amenities like flowerbeds and an extended patio. Year Three rounds out the plan with special features like a private retreat and a patio-shading arbor.

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    A Big Garden in a Little Space

    Creative design turned this tiny slice of yard into a tropical-themed retreat. Besides adding room for dining and cooking, the garden creates a beautiful view from inside the home.

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    No-Mow Backyard

    You can keep your mower in the shed when you replace your lawn with these fast-growing, durable plants. Our planting plan also ensures color all season long.

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    Family-Style Backyard

    This landscape plan was designed to address the needs of an active family with children. Key features include a generous patio, fountain, lawn, arbor, and an enclosed play area.

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    Economical Front Yard Landscape

    This front yard landscape plan combines economical plants and materials that make a big impact in a short time. This two-story home sits on a 95-foot-wide lot and features a front yard 51 feet deep. The landscape design uses quick-growing, easily obtainable plants to provide quick color and texture.

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    Mid-Priced Front Yard Landscape

    This front yard landscape plan is a step up in look (and cost) from a basic landscape plan. It includes upgraded hardscape elements and a wide variety of plants. The entry gains stature from an enlarged paved area and bollard lighting.

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    Premium-Look Front Yard Landscape Plan

    This front yard landscape plan offers an upscale look for the homeowner who is willing to pay a premium price for a lifetime investment. The landscape design features extensive hardscaping that extends across the yard, plus top-quality plants and materials.

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    A Simple Dooryard Garden

    This simple entry garden features perennials that look good all year round. All of the plants are easy to find at garden centers. With a little help, most homeowners could install this garden in a weekend.

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    A Narrow Side Yard Garden

    This narrow side yard garden is ideal for a hot, dry, south-facing wall. In this case, the 18-x-6-foot bed was installed against the side of a brick garage.


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