Pond Plants

A pond is pretty, but adding plants makes it beautiful. If your water garden needs some pizzazz, add a little sparkle with these jewels. Dress your water feature in its finest attire with creative plantings.

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Water Lily

When you hear the word pond, water lilies float to mind. Monet knew what he was doing when he painted his famous series; you'll want some of these plants, too.

Blue Pickerel Weed

It's as vigorous as a weed, but blue pickerel (Pontederia cordata) offers beauty with glossy leaves and lavender-blue flower spikes.


Whimsical spirals of grasslike curly rush (Juncus selections) add motion to a water garden or container, even without wind or trickling water.

Water Hyacinth

Contain this plant to a container or pond where you can enjoy its glossy leaves and lavender blooms. Otherwise, it can become invasive in natural waterways.


Ligularia thrives near streams and ponds in part shade, where its yellow blooms light up the space.

Pond Plants Primer

Have you grown lotuses or Louisiana irises? Check this list of the best plants for your water garden.

Water Garden Plans

Water garden plans in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes showcase the best selections for ponds.

Growing Water Lilies

Take the mystery out of growing these lovely pond plants. Learn how to plant and winterize hardy water lilies.

Inspirational Ideas

Not sure how to dress up your pond? Get fantastic ideas and inspiration from these sensational water gardens of every scale: From big ponds to containers.


Papyrus is much more than the fiber source for Egyptian paper. Use dwarf or full-size selections of Cyperus to add height and texture in and around your pond.


The delicate, pure white blooms of arrowhead belie how tough this plant is. Confine this easy-to-grow pond plant to prevent its aggressive growth.

Pitcher Plant

The other-worldly beauty of pitcher plants comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors -- burgundy or chartreuse varieties are especially lovely. Some varieties are hardy to Zone 3!