Herb Plants for Pots

Beauty and taste in one package, herbs add flavor to your container garden and your table. Best of all, they're easy to grow and care for. Indoor herb gardens let you exercise your green thumb year-round.

Window Box Herbs

Place a window box at just the right height for easy harvest of your herb collection. A window box suits plantings of one or several types of herbs.

Indoor Herbs

Growing herbs indoors requires lots of light and a gentle touch with the watering can. We tell you how to keep your indoor herb plants happy.

Mixed Container

Go small with this group of herb plants that stay comfortable living in a container. Clip them frequently to keep the plants small and your cooking tasty.

Fun Containers

Think outside the flowerpot when planting your herbs. Try these fanciful containers, many of which are repurposed materials.

Patio Table Mints

Any sunny spot, including the top of your patio table, is a great location to grow herbs. A collection of easy-care mint plants supplies your tea or julep with pizzazz.

Caring for Herbs

Pinching is scary for some gardeners, but it's important for herbs. Try these tips for growing healthy herb plants in pots indoors or out.

Potted Thyme

Thyme is a perennial herb, so you can harvest to your heart's content knowing more leaves will be produced. Just keep the soil dry, dry, dry.

Chives Alive

A quick snip of chives adds mild onion flavor and zippy green garnish to many dishes. It's easy to keep the bulbs of this perennial herb happy in a pot.

Oregano in a Pot

Invite the flavors of Italy into your kitchen with a pot of oregano. This herb, a perennial even in cold-winter climates, bushes out when you cut it back.

Container Basil

Because it needs plenty of sun, basil does best in outdoor containers. Indoors, grow it in a sunny spot but expect it to decline in a few weeks.

Potted Cilantro

Prized for the kick it gives Mexican and other dishes, cilantro can be grown in a deep (12 inches or more) pot so its long taproot can develop.

Tarragon in Pots

With a sunny window and rich soil, you can grow French tarragon indoors. Stems will likely sprawl, but you'll still be able to savor the licorice taste.


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