Garden Plants for Shade

No sun? Don't fret! Many beautiful plants grow well in shade. Just remember that not all shade is created equal. Learn the difference between full and partial shade so you know what to expect when planting in those conditions.

Shade-Loving Annuals

Brighten a corner with these shade-loving annuals that provide color all season long. Don't forget that foliage can do the same job as flowers!

Japanese Painted Fern

With silvery leaves and rich burgundy stems, Japanese painted ferns look so elegant and yet they're so tough. They even thrive in dry shade.

Ask about Shade Gardening

The Better Homes and Gardens garden editors will answer your questions about creating a beautiful landscape, even in the shade.

Beautiful Heart-Leaf Brunnera

Brunnera, a perennial flower, grows in moist shade, plus its heart-shape leaves are deer-resistant. Sky-blue flowers rise above the leaves in spring.


Wintergreen is a lovely evergreen shrub that bears pretty white flowers and bright red fruits. It's a perfect groundcover for shade.


Nearly evergreen, deer-resistant, and bearing flowers that persist for months, there's a lot to like about hellebores.

Guide to Hostas

Hostas are a shade gardener's best friend. Choose from an astonishing selection of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Containers for Shade

Many shade-loving plants also perform well in containers. No need to think small -- large plants make an eye-catching display.


Foamflowers, also known as Tiarella, are underused stars of a shade garden. Grow them for their spring spires of flowers and their patterned foliage.

Shade Garden Plan

If you're a beginner and are unsure how to start planting your shady areas, try our garden plan for using shade perennials to their best advantage.

Flowers and Trees

We love trees, but the areas beneath them can be dry and shady. Try these suggestions for this difficult yet common garden predicament.


If you've got moist shade and deer, try lungworts. Their pink, blue, or white spring flowers are enchanting, and their fuzzy leaves come in interesting patterns.

A Shaded Landscape

Check out these easy landscaping ideas for making your very own wooded wonderland in the shade.


Tiny flowers bloom in spring, but it is prized for heart-shape leaves that thrive in dry shade.

Top Perennials

Grow these beautiful flowers that come back every year and enjoy a garden just as colorful as one in full sun.

Best Ferns

Ferns are perfect plants for shade gardens: They add a lovely, delicate texture. Here are some of the best.



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